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  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Professional Photos
  • Resident Screening
  • Legally Compliant Signed Lease
  • Move-In Inspection w/ Photos

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  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Professional Photos
  • Resident Screening
  • Legally Compliant Signed Lease
  • Move-In Inspection w/ Photos
  • One Annual Inspection
  • Rent Collection
  • In-House Accounting Team
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Move-Out Inspection
  • Daily Management of Residents
  • Pet Screening
  • All Resident Communication
  • Utility Company Management

Our fair cost approach to markup on repairs is where we squash the competition.

 See below:

We use a sliding scale to price any repair,

as follows;
$0 - $250 = 20%

Agent shall charge a sliding scale supervisory fee of not more than 20% of total maintenance cost, as follows;

$0 - $250 = 20%

$251 - $500 = 15%

$501 - $1,000 = 10%

$1,000+ = 5%


  1. A $175 retail plumbing repair would only cost $95 with the wholesale pricing we are able to obtain. With a 20% markup ($19) your total cost of repair = $114 and you save $61.
  2. Replacing a roof can be extremally costly. Retail, a full roof replacement could be as high as $13,000+. I can replace that same roof for $8,000 + a supervisory fee of only 5% = a savings of $4600

Saving money with equal to or better craftsmanship is the reason so many people choose to invest with our team and speed is an important factor to consider. When your resident has to wait too long for a needed repair, they begin to think about moving. This is one more way we keep our residents long-term!

Discover Our Services

We provide full-service solutions for rental owners in the Memphis area

Property Marketing

Our team finds the right renters for your property. We use traditional & digital marketing techniques to publicize the vacancy and schedule showings with those interested.

Resident Screening

We carefully screen every application we receive. Our team uses reference verifications, background checks & criminal history reviews to ensure we only place good residents.

Rent Collection

Get your rental earnings in a timely fashion in each month. We handle all billing and rent collection for you, with your earnings deposited directly to your bank account.


We take care of all proactive maintenance and repairs for your property. Our team responds to requests from residents and works with trusted vendors to get the job done quickly.

Property Inspections

Regular inspection visits help our team keep tabs on your rental home. We verify that your residents are respecting the terms of their leases & address any problems we find.

Financial Reporting

It's easy to monitor your financial performance, thanks to our detailed reporting. We document all earnings and expenses for you and make your statements available for 24/7 review.


Our resident screening process is designed to help us avoid most eviction scenarios. If a resident ever needs to be removed from a property, however, we'll help you handle the legal ins & outs.

Legal Guidance

Violating a housing ordinance or insurance requirement could land you in hot water. Our team pays close attention to the rules governing your rental home & we keep you compliant.

Why Choose Foundation Property Management?

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We Set the Bar for Great Customer Service

Our goal is to help our clients to achieve the best possible results. We do everything we can to keep you in the loop, and we work to return phone calls and emails quickly. You'll love working with our team.

It's Easy to Manage Your Account with Us

We use digital account portals to make it easy for our clients and residents alike to manage their accounts with a few clicks. These tools also keep our team efficient & help us to resolve problems quickly.

"I switched over to FoundationPM because of having previously worked with James' team. Within 1 month of moving over from the "other guys" they were able to secure a 2 years lease at $140 more per door. I love what I get from FoundationPM. Thank you so much!"

Jonathan H.

Satisfied Rental Owner
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"Talk to James. With Foundation Property Management, it's been a much better experience, my ROI has improved, and it's been everything we expected it to be to begin with! It's been great! "

Dave G.

Satisfied Rental Owner
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